Investing in Sustainable Growth

This blog is aimed at those of you who are major shareholders in your businesses.

This investment is probably your largest and most important.  It should be treated as such.  If you manage it right you can increase its value annually at a better rate than you get from depositing the money in a bank or investing in the share market.

You have to make sure you have sustainable growth.  When you do, the value of your business grows continually through increasing profit, and you can fund this growth without increasing debt or seeking external investment.

We’ve worked with and researched hundreds of sustainably growing businesses.  Here’s what we’ve found is a typical profile.  Sustainable businesses are:

  1. Outward-looking – focused on markets, new technologies, customers;
  2. Investing in new offerings – annual investments typically of around 10% of annual Sales in validating and bringing to market new opportunities;
  3. Investing in marketing  – commitments of up to 10% of Sales in Sales & marketing;
  4. Innovative – always looking for better ways of bring successful products to customers;
  5. Learners and users of external help – they don’t try to do everything themselves but are good learners.  They are also open to using expert help where this will help them succeed.

We’ve also asked over 500 SME CEOs of growing to assess their preferred behaviours.  We found there was a concentration of behaviours on:

  • open-mindedness,
  • learning,
  • adept problem-solving,
  • strategy and system thinking,
  • and determination to succeed.

The CEO findings mesh well with the business profiles we discovered.

If you want to have a quick look at your business profile you can use our free Sustainable Growth Assessor.

If you’re a CEO, we have a further Assessor as part of our GrowthMentor subscription package. You can use this to look at your own performance..  And also a much more detailed Growth Readiness Assessor for the whole company.

Investing in the Right Things

In order to help you invest in the right areas of your company the right way, we’ve captured our research and experience and built this into our GrowthMentor online Sustainable Growth Modules.  These modules are being launched progressively over the next six months.  They are an accessible, affordable way of tapping into sustainable growth best practice.

The first package, available in November, is our Growth Platform (“The CEO Package”) which assists you confirm the position of the business, set new Goals, and overhaul the way the business manages.  It will be followed by modules on developing new business and on improving current operations.

We know, from our work with SME CEOs, that mentoring is highly valued as a way of accelerating learning and assisting implementation of new arrangements.

To that end we are establishing the GrowthMentor Mentor network.  We’re choosing people who are experts in using our online system, and who have successfully managed businesses themselves.  They can help you use the online system much more effectively to identify and implement improvements.

And to increase access to our new services, we aim to work with Partners such as Councils, and Regional Development and Industry Organisations to promote availability of the services.

Have a Look

We encourage you to explore our website and the different downloads to see what might suit you.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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